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Our bookkeeping services

Janet Cusworth heads up Orderly Books, our bookkeeping arm of JBC MS. We have a range of bookkeeping solutions to keep your records in order.

What's the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant?

Where a good bookkeeper will get the accounts in order and ensure everything balances, an accountant can interpret the numbers to tell you what they mean.

What kind of software do you use when bookkeeping?

We use both spreadsheets & a range of accountancy software packages, whatever is most appropriate for the size & complexity of the business to convert the client’s receipts & business papers into usable management information which meet all compliance requirements.

Do you work with start-ups?

For new start-ups, we set-up a suitable system taking into account future business expansion.

Where do you work from?

We work from home or at the clients’ premises so there is no need to recover the costs of expensive High Street offices & this is reflected in our charge-out rates.

What makes you different?

We have been told that we are quicker & more efficient than the other providers of similar services. Charges are assessed on an hourly basis for the services actually provided and the hours actually worked. The frequency & hours spent at a client are dictated by their requirements and vary from a couple of hours a month to 3 days a week. Janet is not only an experienced bookkeeper who has worked in business; she also has access to the know-how and experience of a Chartered Accountant who has also worked in business.

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“Janet Cusworth started working for the Northern Counties Club in August 2009 and I had extensive dealings with her until I stood down as Treasurer in June 2013. During this period Janet helped maintain the detailed accounting records, deal with compliance issues and prepare both management information and the Club’s annual accounts. I found her work constructive and meticulous and she made a big contribution to the Club’s administration.”


Richard Middleton - Northern Counties Club


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“Starting a business is challenging enough, keeping it going requires commitment, tenacity and very good people around you.  We are now into our 10th year and Janet has been with me from day one and has been a constant source of support and encouragement.  She is hardworking, consistent and very loyal and provides us with an excellent service.  I would recommend her without hesitation.”


Kim Alexandra, Managing Director - AYP Financial Planning Limited